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    Boxing Reflex Speed Punch Ball

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    Sometimes it seems to be quite a boring and exhausting routine to go to the gym every day. This is a challenging training set that gives you the pleasure of burning calories and shaping your muscles at home. This challenging training set is very portable, safe, and easy to use by kids also.

    Product description:

    Boxing Reflex Speed Punch Ball is made with natural rubber and polyester fiber that is resilient, long-lasting, and durable. Punch it with bare hands as it's soft outside and poses no risk to your eyes and hands. The elastic headband made of wicking materials is skin-friendly and breathable, which fits well with both men and women, adults, and children.


    1. The ball used in it is lighter and softer, so there are no worries about hitting yourself in the faces, eyes, noses.

    2. It helps in improving your agility, punching speed, fighting skill, and hand-eye coordination.

    3. Perfect for fitness freak can be used during break time also.

    4. An easy and effortless way to burn calories every day.

    5. The adjustable headset used by both adults and kids.

    6. Anti-slip design of the headband.

    7. Easy to use and assemble.


    • Improved hand-eye coordination.

    • Gives punching accuracy.

    • No need for any training partner.

    • It is 100% portable.

    • Help in burn calories and weight loss.

    • Can be used as economical training gear.

    • Fun and addictive!

    How to Use:

    1. Wear the elastic headband on your head properly.

    2. Cut the elastic string and make sure the length equal to your arm length.

    3. Tie the string to the ball and the hand-band. The extra string can be reserved for future use.

    Package Included:

    • 1 Boxing Ball
    • Headband
    • Elastic String


    • Please allow 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and 3-5g for the difference between different colors.
    • Due to the screen difference, the color maybe a little different from what you expect, please allow.

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