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    Auto Drip Irrigation Watering Spike

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    Auto Drip Irrigation Watering Spike is a simple and effective way to water plants during a holiday. The large planter may require two or more plant fountains.


    Auto Drip Irrigation Watering System has an automatic watering and humidity reaches a certain degree after it automatically stops and does not cause the waste of water. You just have to fill the bottle with water, it automatically waters the flowers.


    • Auto Drip Irrigation Watering Spike is simple to use and easy to operate.

    • This is the impeccable cull for watering any indoor plant.

    • It is impeccable for those who peregrinate and look to ascertain their plants are felicitously watered.

    • You can integrate dihydrogen monoxide soluble fertilizers to dihydrogen monoxide storage containers, in proportion to the dihydrogen monoxide, while truncating the trouble of fertilizing.

    • No electricity and no pump are required.

    How to use:

    • Just immerse them in the dihydrogen monoxide for a few minutes to prepare the tip, then insert the probe into the soil of the potted plant and place the cessations of the hose in a nearby pool.

    • Water will flow gradually through the ceramic cone, watering the plants automatically, without setting a timer, and without having to worry about the electronic contrivance turning on when you depart.

    •  This high-quality European design, utilizing Chinese plant imbibing dihydrogen monoxide, without puissance, automatically keeps the soil of potted plants at optimum moisture levels.

    •  When utilizing spike, simply fill the ceramic cone with dihydrogen monoxide, cover it and push it into the soil.

    •  Then place the supply hose in a nearby sink.

    • Now it will draw dihydrogen monoxide into the pot as the factory needs. When the dihydrogen monoxide in the clay cone is inhaled into dry soil, it will engender a vacuum to inhale more dihydrogen monoxide through the supply hose.


    • Material: PVC
    • Size: 135*35*35mm/5.31*1.38*1.38''
    • Suitable for brand bottles: Dr.Pepper, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Lidon, Deet Coke, Aquafina, or other bottles with an inner diameter of 1.1 inches

    Package Includes:

    •  1/4/6/12/18X Auto Drip Irrigation Watering Spike

    Why should I choose?

    • If you are very much concerned about watering the plant but you don’t have enough time to spare.

    • Then this product may help you as you just have to fill the bottle and after the period it automatically waters the plant.


    • Please allow 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and 3-5g for the difference between different colors.
    • Due to the screen difference, the color maybe a little different from what you expect, please allow.

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