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    Microwave Perfect Egg Poacher

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    Start your day the right way with the Microwave Perfect Egg Poacher!

    Make perfectly poached, cafe-style eggs in your microwave in just minutes.

    • Perfect poached eggs. Poaching an egg is one of the healthiest ways to cook an egg. Have homemade poached eggs at home in minutes!

    • Breakfast in a flash. Designed for poaching eggs in a covered skillet or with its lid in the microwave. Instant breakfast, no mess, no fuss.

    • Heat-resistant. High heat-resistant silicone to 450°F/230°C. Has an easy-viewing clear lid that releases steam and retains heat.

    • 2 eggs in 1. You can make just one or up to two eggs at a time. You can even make omelets on the device!

    • Safe material. BPA and Melamine free. Safe for your and your family.

    Easy to use: Crack an egg into each cup of your Microwave Perfect Egg Poacher. Pierce each yolk with a fork and add about 1/2 tsp of water to each cup, even if you are only cooking one egg, remember to add the water to the empty cup as well. Place it into the microwave and in a minute, you get to enjoy a poached egg.

    [Applicable Scene]
    Used for steaming eggs in a microwave oven to keep the moisture and nutrition of eggs. It can also be used in the kitchen as a baking and cooking tool. (Be sure to break the eggshell and put it in the egg cooker)

    [Tips] Before use, you can put some oil on the draining egg boiler for easy cleaning. Due to the different power of microwave ovens, the heating time is usually 60-80 seconds.

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