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    Multifunctional Multi-Layer Stainless-Steel Scissors

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    Make preparing your favorite recipes easier!

    Add a little flavor to your dishes with a set of 5 stainless steel blades for chopping, cutting, and mincing. Those old scissors have got nothing on these - chives to perfect size into plates quickly! 

    Snip and cut vegetables and herbs quickly and easily with these Multilayer Kitchen Scissors. It cuts and chops vegetables without crushing them. Your everyday kitchen cutting and chopping chores can be finished quickly with the help of these scissors

    This Stainless Steel Multilayer Kitchen Scissors is very efficient and easy to use. Its soft-grip handles make it time-saving and hassle-free. Cutting your herbs has never been faster or easier. Your fingers are safe at all times. The 5 Blade-Herb Scissors cut through your veggies and herbs five times more quickly than a knife! These high-quality stainless steel blades are great for use on scallions, lettuce, ham, mushrooms, and other food preparation needs!

    A Quicker Way To Garnish

    Slice scallions, cut cilantro, and turn leafy romaine into delicate ribbons with these kitchen scissors. Five, sharp, stainless steel blades snip in tandem to chop herbs with the precision and efficiency of a professional chef! The scissors allow you to snip your garnish directly over your dish, eliminating the time and hassle of knives and chopping boards. Very easy to use.

    With this Stainless Steel Multilayer Kitchen Scissors, you can do justice to your herbs and keep them as fresh as possible for your hungry guests. Just a few quick snips, and you’ll create the ultimate herb infusion or refreshingly delicious garnish. No need to cut with a knife and leave most of the flavor on the chopping board.

    The 5-blade kitchen shear inspires you to create masterful dishes because it makes it easy to cut, snip or trim vegetables right from your home gardens, in perfectly minced sizes.

    Chefs and salad lovers will not miss these Kitchen Scissors since they are faster, easier, and safer to use than a scraper or a slicer.

    The Stainless Steel Multilayer Kitchen Scissors are Easy on the Hands

    These Kitchen Scissors can be gripped comfortably because of the silicone-lined handles. The blades are rust-free and easily cleanable with the cleaning tool provided. It can also be used for paper shredding and decorations. The large, rubberized handles provide a comfortable grip, relieving stress on the wrist and fingers as you cut.

    Summary of Features of The Stainless Steel Multilayer Kitchen Scissors

    ✔️ Enjoy healthy meals: Snip or chop herbs directly into your dish and save yourself the hassle of crushing and bruising delicate herbs with a knife.

    ✔️ The scissor handle provides a comfortable grip.

    ✔️ You can also use this in the art room as a craft room tool as it does a great job of shredding paper.

    ✔️ High-quality materials: Scissors are made of food-grade stainless steel. Besides, the 5-blade time-saving designs equal 10 knife chops. They are fast and easy. Also, due to its quality material, the scissors will not rust. Therefore, it is dishwasher safe.


    Material: Stainless Steel

    Net Weight: 121g

    Options: 3 Layered, 5 Layered


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