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    This adjustable headrest cushion made sleep in the car safe and comfortable!

    Car Headrest Neck Support Sleeping Cushion, Car Headrest Neck Support Sleeping Cushion.

    It attaches to your car seats and pulls down a pillow on both sides of you. This way your head won’t droop to the side when you fall asleep on a road trip, and you won’t wake up with a sore neck. It’s an absolute must for road trips, traveling sports, and daily driving.


    • Enjoy cover when driving-Travel pillows are mainly suitable for passengers encountering bumps on the road. These people need neck and head support when falling asleep in a car to make their breaks more comfortable. The head supports on both sides protect the head well.

    • 180-degree rotation and ergonomic design-The side headrest comfortably supports the head, relaxes muscles, and prevents floating neck due to prolonged bending, fatigue and pain. You can adjust the angle on your neck as needed. By relaxing your muscles, your neck will be more comfortable and suitable for adults and children.

    • Portable, space-saving pillows for car seats are easily removable. The neck support pillow does not take up much space and is easy to carry. When you don't need to use it, you can start it to save space.

    • Easy to install is first the car's headrest, then put the pillow and screws together. It is suitable for almost all models on the market. Compared to other similar products on the market, our products are simpler, easier to install, and more stable. You don't have to worry about installation.

    Design match:

    • Car seat neck pillows provide all the ergonomic neck rests you need. To provide comfortable sleep.

    • The special contoured shape keeps the head and neck in the correct position for optimal sleep on the back and sides.

    • Memory foam fits your neck and head, provides comprehensive personalized support, and makes your Sleep more relaxed and relaxed, muscles no longer sore.

    How to use it?

    • Step 1 – Choose from one of our two provided pairs of rubber holders to find your headrest pole’s best fit (you get 10-mm and 12-mm-size holders).

    • Step 2 – Connect the left- and right-side brackets together (to form one rod), and secure them onto your rubber holders.

    • Step 3 – Install the left and right pillows onto the road. Tighten the screw caps on both ends.

    • Step 4 – Check if the distance between both the attached brackets of the rod is within 1.18 in (3 cm). If it isn’t, be sure to adjust the hooks of the pillows on both ends to create a more snug fit.



    • Material: memory foam, ABS

    • Color: blue, black, beige

    • Filling: Memory cotton

    Package Include:



    • Please allow a 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and 3-5g for the difference between different colors.
    • Due to the screen difference, the color may be slightly different from what you expect, please allow.

    How We Give Back

    We believe in giving back; We are proud to give 1% of all orders directly to environmental not for profit groups whose focus is the protection, preservation and restoration of our planet. This means every time you purchase from us, 1% goes directly to an environmental cause.