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    Smart LED Sunset Lamp Projection

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    Are you still worried that you can only project a sunset light effect?
    Provide you with our sunset light- a sunset light can project all lighting effects. These sunset lights have 16 colors and 4 modes, projecting the big light balls of nature, sky blue, rose pink, forest green, sunset red, dusk yellow, etc. we’ve made improvements on functions and models comparing other products. A fantastic visual experience is waiting for a meaningful time that belongs to you and your family? Do a light show now. MULTIPLE MODES OF SUNSETLIGHTS FOR YOUR CHOICE
    LED Lights for Bedroom- Bigger Light Balls
    Decorate your bedroom as on the occasion of the setting sun going down, watch a movie with your loved ones, relax your tired body, and enjoy this aesthetic element.The beauty of Real Nature Soft Light
    The soft lighting is suitable for all scenes, even cute animals will fall in love with it sunset lamp is quite charming. You can use it to create a peaceful and meditative space to admire how the beautiful colors quietly changed.Sunset projection lamp Beautiful Green Color
    Optical Paintbrush To create a new world in your familiar environment, you can also use the sunset lamp as an optical paintbrush to change the color tones of the environment without any pollution.Photography background light
    The projection lamp will take you to the beautiful scenery of your own bedroom, creating a romantic atmosphere. It can especially help children and babies overcome darkness to fall asleep, and help children stimulate curiosity, imagination, and creativity.Romantic Lights Room
    If You Are Dreaming Of Having A Romantic Modern Home, This Floor Lamp Is A Must Have. The Dynamic Design Adds Much Of Fantastic Feeling For You Wherever You Put In Bedroom, Living Room, Or A Part.360° Flexible Adjust
    Uses a high-quality steel steering head, durable and not easy to break. Sunset lights can be adjusted 180 degrees front and rear, 360 degrees left and right. Flexible adjustment, and easy to use, the light of the sunset lamp can shine on any corner of the house.
    USB Sunset Lamp
    USB sunset lights are used in more diverse scenarios. It can be connected to adapters, rechargeable batteries, laptops, desktop computers, and car USB ports. Can meet the needs of a variety of environmental conditions to use the sunset lamp.(Adapter specifications must be less than 5V 2A)Why choose our products?
    App Application Has A Variety Of Modes For You To Choose: 4 Music Modes / Music Synchronization (Built-In Sensitive Microphone, The Light Can Move With The Phone Microphone + External Music Device Microphone / Timing Switch / Light Brightness Adjustment 1%-100%, Give You A Different Experience)

    Timing Mode: Want To See The Beautiful Sunset Lights When You Wake Up? You Can Set The Sunset Light Start And Off Time Through The App.APP Control- Applicable to iOS& Android

    How We Give Back

    We believe in giving back; We are proud to give 1% of all orders directly to environmental not for profit groups whose focus is the protection, preservation and restoration of our planet. This means every time you purchase from us, 1% goes directly to an environmental cause.